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24_M.Davids_Jane's Dreams and paintings

Jane’s Paintings
At Lowood school, Jane never went out over the holidays, because she had no one to go to. Instead, she used this free time to paint- it did take her a lot of time to finish a painting though, as she thus had more than enough time. This was the beginning of Jane’s paintings, where she turned out to be a remarkable painter. According to the descriptions, her paintings were quite unique. “That is one of my paintings over the chimney-piece” (78). Jane never spoke to anyone about her feelings, and always had a sinister facial expression, but through her paintings, her hidden emotions became visible. Jane’s paintings was thus inspired by emotion, and therefore painted whatever came to mind- 
“Where did you get your copies?”                                                                                                                                                  "Out of my head, [sir]" (106).
By the descriptions of Jane’s paintings, the reader could determine her state of mind and emotion (107, 108, 110, 199, 314, 315). The “portrait of a Governess, disconnected, poor and plain” (137), contributes to Jane’s characterisation, as it tells the reader who and for what Jane is defined as in the novel.

Jane’s Dreams
-     “It was a wailing child this night, and a laughing one the next” (188).
-     “I dreamt of Miss Ingram all the night: in a vivid morning dream I saw her closing the gates of Thornfield against me” (207).
-     “I dreamt another dream, sir: that Thornfield Hall was a dreary ruin” (241; 240).
-     “The night was dark, and my mind impressed with strange fears” (273).
-     “With agitating risk and romantic chance, I still again and again met Mr. Rochester always at some exciting crisis” (312).
Jane’s dreams foreshadows on what is yet to come. These dreams are definded as visions for Jane, through the narrative, and can she, as well as the reader, foresee that which is possibly to come. However, dreams are based on one’s thoughts and the majority of Jane’s dreams are very dramatic. Jane’s dreams consists out of the fear, and as character, Jane thus fears the unknown of that yet to come.

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